Debtstroyer_logoPositive Solutions Finance specialises in helping people with unique financial circumstances find a loan. Our mission is to help improve your financial situation to avoid getting bogged down in unmanageable debt.

Sometimes, to achieve the best result for you, we can’t rely on financing alone and need to use other tools to get your application approved. One such tool is a Debtstroyer Agreement.

What is a Debtstroyer Agreement?

A Debtstroyer Agreement is essentially an informal arrangement with your creditors to reduce and repay your debts. It can take on many forms as each agreement is tailored to suit your situation. It can be a reduced payment arrangement over a number of years or it could be a lump sum settlement in satisfaction of your total debt.

Positive Solutions Finance calls on Debtstroyer when we can use the equity in your mortgage to consolidate your debt through a refinance. Sometimes, the debt you owe exceeds the amount you are able to borrow so we use a Debtstroyer Agreement to reduce your unsecured debt amount to fit in with your loan.

How it works

If the team at Positive Solutions Finance finds you have too much debt for a mortgage refinance, we will refer your file to Debtstroyer. Debtstroyer will then contact each of your unsecured creditors and begin to negotiate with them to reduce your debt. As you are looking to refinance your mortgage, you should soon have access to a lump sum which Debtstroyer is able to use as a bargaining chip.

Often, creditors are happy to receive a reduced lump sum settlement in satisfaction of your debt, allowing you to proceed with your refinance. Once your refinance is approved, your creditors will receive their money and you will be left with a single mortgage, one interest rate, one fee and one manageable repayment. For an example of how a Debtstroyer Agreement can assist you, read through the Case Study below.

  • Case Study

    Brett and Jane are proud home owners who both work full time to repay their mortgage. Their home is worth $500,000 while they owe $400,000 on their mortgage and another $80,000 on various unsecured debts.

    Due to a number of reasons, Brett and Jane began to struggle to meet repayments on their debts and keep up with the cost of day to day living.

    They approached their mortgage lender in the hopes of refinancing their home loan to consolidate their debts. Unfortunately, based on the valuation of their home, they were only able to refinance their mortgage at $450,000 as opposed to the $480,000 they needed to cover their debt.

    Disheartened, Brett and Jane turned to Debtstroyer for help. Debtstroyer negotiated with each of Brett and Jane’s unsecured creditors to accept a combined, lump sum amount of $50,000 in satisfaction of their total unsecured debts of $80,000. The creditors accepted this offer, which allowed Brett and Jane to proceed with the refinance of their mortgage for $450,000.

    Debtstroyer was able to instantly reduce Brett and Jane’s debt by $30,000 as well as help them get their refinance over the line, leaving them with one, reduced, managable debt repayment.

Why use Debtstroyer?

As a Debtstroyer Agreement is negotiated privately with your creditors, it doesn’t leave a mark on your credit file, making it the perfect tool to use when trying to refinance. Each agreement is tailored to your specific set of circumstances so there is no qualifying criteria – it doesn’t matter how much you earn, how much debt you have or what assets you own.

While Debtstroyer is negotiating your debts with your creditors, they have the authority to act on your behalf so the creditors stop harassing you for payments, reducing your stress and anxiety. Debtstroyer is able to significantly reduce the amount of debt you owe and help to improve your financial standing, making you an eligible candidate for a loan.