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Using Consolidation Loans with Bad Credit

Is it Possible to Obtain Consolidation Loans with Bad Credit?

Debt can get out of hand before you know it. Honest, hardworking people can encounter all sorts of situations which make it impossible to pay their bills despite their best intentions.

A sudden job loss or an extended illness can create financial stress and make it hard to keep up with credit card accounts, bank loans and other financial obligations. Over time, this can impact your credit rating and make things even worse.

One way to reverse the situation and regain control of your finances is with a consolidation loan. Using consolidation loans with bad credit can be hard but if you stick to the repayments it can also help to improve your credit rating.

Applying for consolidation loans with bad credit?

When it comes to qualifying for consolidation loans with bad credit, it is important to provide proof of stable income. This might be your wages or salary from a job or possibly even spousal support.

The general idea of getting consolidation loans with bad credit is to demonstrate to the lender you can make the loan payment on time every month.

Various lenders will have additional requirements before they consider someone for consolidation loans with bad credit. Those other requirements may include proof you have lived at the same residence for a minimum period of time or that you have been with your current employer for at least one calendar year.

When applying for a consolidation loan, it’s relatively easy to look over the requirements ahead of time and determine if you can comply with what the lender requires.

The Review Process

At Positive Solutions Finance, we specialise in finding people consolidation loans with bad credit. We draw on a database of affiliate lenders who all have unique criteria for offering and approving loans. Unlike the major banks and lending institutions, our lenders look at your current situation as opposed to your credit history to determine who they lend money to.

Giving consolidation loans to people with bad credit is a higher risk for lenders. They run the risk of losing money from missed repayments and insolvency. This is why getting consolidation loans with bad credit often means you will be paying a higher interest rate.

However if you make timely payments on the loan your credit file will begin to improve and you may be able t refinance with a smaller interest rate down the track.

After the Loan Approval

Once you have been approved for consolidation loans with bad credit, you will have enough money to pay out all of your existing debts and be left with a single loan. This makes your debt much easier to manage as you are only making one regular repayment with one set of interest and fees. Make it a point to refrain from using those other accounts until you have the consolidation loan paid in full.

Between making payments on the loan without fail and keeping those other accounts at zero balances, you should begin to see improvement in your credit rating in a matter of months.

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