About Positive Solutions Finance

woman-arms-crossedPositive Solutions Finance takes away the harsh reality for people in financial distress and helps get them back on their feet. Our services are designed to help people at every stage of financial health, whether they are looking to stay on track with a budget, having difficulty securing a loan or struggling to repay several debts. We are not lenders, but call on a number of affiliated partners who offer a variety of bad credit loans and refinance options for people struggling with debt.

How we operate

We are not lenders, we have affiliated ourselves with a number of non-mainstream lenders which allows us to search and compare products for our clients to find one which best suits their situation and their needs. Often this means the loans we get for our clients come with fixed low interest rates so they know exactly how much they will be paying each week and we can get approval within days, not weeks.

Consolidation loans, home loans, cash loans and more

At Positive Solutions Finance, we understand life doesn’t always go to plan and at some point or another you are going to have trouble finding money you need. That is why we offer a vast range of products and services, so you can get the help you need no matter what your situation.

We specialise in bad credit loans, whether it’s bad credit consolidation loans or a bad credit home loan. Your financial history shouldn’t impact your financial future. We have a number of affiliated lenders for bad credit outside the sphere of traditional banks who grant loans based on different criteria, making it easier for people to secure a loan with bad credit.

We also have a number of affiliated lenders who offer cash loans, short term loans and payday loans for people who need money fast. For a full list of loans on offer, visit our loans page. But it’s not just about bad credit and cash loans. We offer more permanent solutions to our clients to see them get out of debt. Positive Solutions Finance can also help with Debtstroyer, Debt Agreements and budgeting advice.