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Have you been declined for a loan?

Financial institutions and money lenders can be harsh. Even the smallest blemish on your credit file can make it hard to successfully apply for a loan. If you have recently been declined for a loan, we can help. We provide positive solutions to all people, even those who are struggling to secure finance due to:

  • Adverse Credit History
  • Existing Home Loan Arrears
  • Unsecured Loan Defaults
  • Irregular Income
  • Excessive Enquiries
  • Too many Debts

We work with a number of affiliate lenders, allowing us to find a suitable loan product with a lender who understands your situation. It is these relationships with lenders which allow us to successfully find you a loan where you have previously been declined. We can help you borrow money for a new home loan, refinance and existing mortgage and we can even negotiate and consolidate your debts to help you get a refinance over the line.

Don’t let the past stand in the way of your financial future, talk to Positive Solutions Finance about how we can help you today!

Refinancing your mortgage

How long is left on your home loan? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Did you know, by reducing your interest rate by as little as 1% you could knock 2-5 years off your home loan.

By allowing us to simply look at your home loan, we can identify potential savings with your existing mortgage provider or help you save with a refinance through a new lender.

Debt Reduction and Consolidation

Do you have credit cards and personal loans in addition to your mortgage? Are you aware you could be paying up to 20% interest per annum on your credit cards and up to 15% interest per annum on your personal loans? By consolidating your debts and refinancing them into your home loan, we can save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest and significantly reduce your regular repayments.Debtstroyer

Have you been rejected for a debt consolidation because you have too much debt? Don’t worry! We can work with you and your unsecured creditors to negotiate your credit cards, personal loans and any other debts down to an amount that fits in with what you are able to borrow. We work with Debtstroyer who negotiate with your creditors to find a suitable debt settlement amount.

They are able to reduce your debts to a level where they can then be included in a mortgage refinance. This type of consolidation not only reduces your debts, but will allow you to pay off the balance at a low interest rate (with your mortgage) and only make one easy repayment. These negotiations won’t leave a mark on your credit rating and with your improved debt standing, you will have a better chance of securing a loan. Learn More!

Our Lending Partners

We work with hundreds of lenders including the big 4 banks, smaller banks, credit unions and non-conforming lenders to be able to find a loan product suited to your situation. Take the stress out of finding finance and let us do the grunt work for you.

We have access to a full panel of lenders

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