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PSF Home Loans

Home Loans are the single largest purchase most people will make in their lives and can often be the most stressful investment to repay. Home loan repayments can be drawn out over decades and the original conditions of the loan might not allow for many mishaps or life changes.

Secure a New Home Loan

No matter your situation, Positive Solutions Finance can help you find money for a home. Specialising in assisting clients in the grey area of finance, we can call on a number of affiliated lenders outside of the mainstream market to deliver an affordable realistic home loan. Whether you have an irregular income, adverse credit history, loan defaults or have completed a period of Bankruptcy, Positive Solutions Finance can find a loan for you.

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Refinance your existing Home Loan

Were you offered the best deal possible when you first sought finance for your home? Positive Solutions Finance has hundreds of accredited brokers and access to a number of affiliated lenders, we can easily find home loans with a cheaper interest rate and lower fees. The money you save could help you pay off debts, go towards renovations or into a savings account for something special.

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Reduce and Consolidate your Debts

Are you looking to reduce and consolidate your debts using the equity in your mortgage? Positive Solutions Finance can help you! If you have a few small defaults and are having trouble refinancing to consolidate your debts, we can step in and take control. We have a number of lenders on our panel who specialise in debt consolidation loans.

If your debt level is too large for a bank to consider a refinance, we can use a Debtstroyer Agreement to reduce your debt levels, improve your financial position and get your new loan over the line. Find out how we can help you by starting the application process today!

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Typical Lending Amounts

We can help you refinance with home loans between $100,000 and over $1 million!